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Like father, like son, Dr. Onkar Jabade has carried his father, Dr. Jayant Jabade ’s dental legacy forward. Seeking inspiration from his father, the Jabade scion choose dentistry as his profession at a very young age.

The husband-wife duo signed off by offering a message to all, “It is important to have a family dentist. Dental problems are not hereditary, however, habits are. Therefore, it is essential to inculcate good oral hygiene habits among the children right from the start. Also just like people undertake blood tests for routine health check-ups every 6 months, dental check-ups should also form a part of their routine going ahead.”

Running into its second generation, the experienced and highly qualified dentists, together cover A to Z of dentistry.  Jabade Dental is a one stop dental solution, with top notch facilities, modern technology, helpful staff and of course a team of expert dentists.

The husband-wife duo work well in tandem. Drawing parallels with the construction industry, it can be said that Dr. Nivedita lays the foundation, while Dr. Onkar builds the structure above.

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