Dr. Nivedita Jabade

Dr. Nivedita Jabade


Dentistry has evolved over the years. Earlier if there was a tooth ache people would just get the tooth extracted but now they want to save it. So here the role of root canal specialist comes into play. At Jabade dental Dr. Nivedita Jabade handles the root canal wing since 5 years.

The husband-wife duo work well in tandem. Drawing parallels with the construction industry, it can be said that Dr. Nivedita lays the foundation, while Dr. Onkar builds the structure above.

Dr. Nivedita has various certifications to her credit. But her main forte lies in tooth related pain management across all age groups. She has worked in big corporate hospitals in Mumbai,  Asian Heart Institute BKC.

‘Will my tooth pain!? ‘  is the most common question asked when it comes to Root canals she exclaims! Modern endodontics with the use of precise equipment has made root canal treatment nearly pain-free! It’s important to understand that earlier the infective element is overcome, less painful the treatment. Patients are generally scared of the dentist and wait until their teeth get painful. Earlier symptoms like sensitivity to temperature or food lodgement should not be ignored. These earlier signs may be solved by only a filling or restoration, if you wait for a tooth to pain the infection has already reached the Root canal. She adds an important message ‘Catch them young!’ get your cavities filled now to avoid a Root canal treatment tomorrow! Nonetheless, by using her most gentle and patient friendly ways she relieves tooth pain most efficiently.

She states, “It is important for people not to ignore oral diseases, as they can lead to heart ailments! In severe conditions the bacteria which cause gum disease can traverse through the blood vessels to the heart, causing certain heart diseases. Oral health determines one’s overall health, its considered a mirror of your internal systemic health, including digestion, hormonal imbalance etc.”

Dr. Nivedita adds, “Dental check-ups have become all the more important because of our changing lifestyles. Junk food and consumption of refined sugar food items have become a part of our modern day lifestyle. Snacking in between meals is another cause of concern and one of the main reasons of tooth decay. It is imperative to rinse thoroughly after we consume anything. Other than brushing twice daily, inter dental cleaning with a dental floss and using a mouthwash will improve your oral hygiene significantly. With regular dental checkups early signs of tooth decay and other oral ailments can be identified and treated in time thus avoiding more extensive treatment therapies. Dental treatments are not expensive but neglect is!

The husband-wife duo signed off by offering a message to all, “It is important to have a family dentist. Dental problems are not hereditary, however, habits are. Therefore, it is essential to inculcate good oral hygiene habits among the children right from the start. Also just like people undertake blood tests for routine health check-ups every 6 months, dental check-ups should also form a part of their routine going ahead.”

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