Dr. Onkar Jabade

Dr. Onkar Jabade

BDS, MDS Prosthodontist & Implantologist

Dr. Onkar Jabade is dynamic personality with masters degree in prosthodontics with 9 years of experience in the field of dentistry.
He is pioneer in Guided Implantology concept and has been placing implants since 2015 , with a vast experience of thousands of successful implants.

As an international level karate player , and a state level badminton player team work and perfection is deeply rooted in his work.

Trained exclusively by his father Dr. Jayant Jabade in treating complex and difficult full mouth rehabilitation, he is a problem solver for all his patients.

Like father, like son, Dr. Onkar Jabade has carried his father, Dr. Jayant Jabade ’s dental legacy forward. Seeking inspiration from his father, the Jabade scion choose dentistry as his profession at a very young age.

There are close to a dozen specializations in dentistry. Dr Onkar specializes in Prosthodontics, which, in simple terms can be understood as an extension of dental implantology, a field in which his father, Dr. Jayant Jabade, is a pioneer and is a well established name. Dr. Onkar has a masters’ degree, having done extensive implantology in college life.

He says, “Prosthodontics includes replacement of missing natural teeth, rehabilitation of mutilated natural dentitions and associated structures to restore normal function and to improve appearance.” He adds “ As always with all streams of dentistry early diagnosis is essential to better prognosis as corrective treatment can be started at a very incipient stage to nip the problem in the bud.”

Dr. Onkar  joined his father in 2014. At Jabade Dental , there is complete digitalization in prosthodontics, which means, in-office making of the artificial teeth, like crowns, bridges, veneers, implant restorations and even removable dentures. The state of art CAD CAM technology(CEREC) enables us to create beautiful natural looking smiles that function with great ease and comfort for our patients. Around four years ago, Creative Smiles was the first dental clinic in Thane to start CEREC one visit dental treatment solutions.

Dr. Onkar  adds, “Today due to our hectic lifestyles, stress induced tooth wear related problems are on a rise, it leads loss of enamel (outermost hard layer of the tooth) and exposure of dentin (internal soft layer of the tooth), making the tooth susceptible to decay and further damage. Such teeth are usually broken, chipped, discolored and unpleasant in appearance. Increased sensitivity, pain and difficulty while chewing are synonymous with severely worn dentition. Dental treatment required for such patients is usually restorative in nature owing to compromised tooth structure. We are able to help these patients with minimal number of sessions as the entire process is done in-office and at times can even be completed in a single visit!

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